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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Zoo ~ Day 8

It was a beautiful day today and we took advantage by going to the zoo with a good friend and her children.  Little buddy did a great job hanging out for the day.  And he caught the eye of quite a few people with his charming good looks!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Buddy ~ Day 7

Sophie Giraffe came today!
Can I just say that Dell loves her?
She squeaks.  So that means the dogs love her too.  We will have to be careful about that!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Nap Day. Yay! ~ Day 6

The day started out with bundling up for a walk outside.It was sunny but the breeze had a chill. Dell enjoyed talking to his cow!
Big sister enjoyed looking fabulous! You think all the fresh air would've made for a great nap, right?
Someone was awake. Like, wide awake!
Hello there!
What Mommy? Whatcha doing'? Why are you closing your eyes?

Um. Doesn't taste as good as it looks I guess.
Let's try the fist instead.
So many fun things to do besides nap!
Mommy loves to take pictures of me. Watch this video to see what I think of it.

What do you mean it's time to get big brother from school?! I just fell asleep!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RAW (e) ~ Red!

So I wanted to join in the fun over @ Sailor & Company and get in on this weeks photo contest.  This weeks theme is red. 

 Here are the rules:  Do not edit your photo.

It must be straight out of the camera!

Don't link up until you post your photo

(and link to the actual post not your entire blog)

It must fit the theme, which is RED this week!

Have fun!!!!!

Red Dell.icious
  This is Dell @ 3 months old!

Floor Time ~ Day 5

After almost a week of being sick we finally got a chance today to work in a little floor time.

Baby toes!
Reaching for his feet!
Posing.  Hey Mom!  Look @ me!
I see you!
Talking away.

His "surprised" look.

Goin' cross eyed grabbing for the froggy!

Getting Into The Groove ~ Dell's Second Month

At this point in time some things are starting to calm down and we are getting into a "groove" so to speak.

Here is Dell snuggling by the fire with his sister after our evening bathtime.
He just loves to be rubbed down with lotion by the fire after his bath!
He also LOVES to sleep on his belly!
I'm not sure if he loves it or not... I'm guessing NOT, but he also spits up....

Another evening by the fire.  Can you blame him for nodding off?
Little man all dressed up!
Gotta look good for the ladies, right?  This is his "sister from another mister"... Ha, ha!  This is really Kensington's best friend Neela & she just ADORES Dell.

"Mommy's Little Monkey" snoozing.
Grabbing his Binky
Handsome little man!
I think the shirt says it all!
He just loves tub time with Mr. Froggy!  Mr. Froggy was his sister's when she was a baby.  Sadly, he is no longer with us.  He was lost, along with his sister's Lovey somewhere, sometime in March.  Mommy is just heartbroken over this =(  Kensi still asks for them from time to time.  I am so grateful we have this picture though!
Yet another evening snuggle by the fire!
Laughing with his Daddy!  He sure is a funny guy!
Advertising his place in the family
Looking up @ Papa Peart
All dressed up again.  Wonder what lady he is charming this time?
Why it's Dorothy, his Great Grandma Peart!  This is their first "date".
I'm thinking he doesn't look too happy in this shot.  He's wearing some hand-me-down PJs from his sister.... maybe that is why?  Or maybe it's the hat?  Either way, he is cute when he is upset too.  He's an all around cutie!
Still so tiny!  All cozied up in his swaddle wrap.
This is Dell with his grandma Gigi, my mom.  This is my favorite photo of them.  It is also the last one taken as she died suddenly on March 23, 2010.  I am so thankful for this photo!  He was truly happy in her arms & I know he will treasure this picture some day.
Our handsome boy in an outfit Daddy picked out.  He is stylin'!
Does this really need an explanation?
We just adore this precious baby face!
He is passed out on the loveseat feeling very sicky!  After a rough day & night we took a trip to the doctor only to find out he had the dreaded RSV =( 

Thankfully he overcame it rather quickly. While we were @ the pediatricians office we went ahead with his 2 month well check up. He is growing great.  Some might consider that an understatement actually as he grew 3 inches(!!) in one month & gained 2 lbs!  That clocks him in @ 11lbs 3oz & 23.5 inches long!  He's becoming (in the words of Gigi) a "Big A Boy"! 


And as he grows, our hearts expand in our chests as it swells with more pride & love than we ever thought possible!