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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Nap Day. Yay! ~ Day 6

The day started out with bundling up for a walk outside.It was sunny but the breeze had a chill. Dell enjoyed talking to his cow!
Big sister enjoyed looking fabulous! You think all the fresh air would've made for a great nap, right?
Someone was awake. Like, wide awake!
Hello there!
What Mommy? Whatcha doing'? Why are you closing your eyes?

Um. Doesn't taste as good as it looks I guess.
Let's try the fist instead.
So many fun things to do besides nap!
Mommy loves to take pictures of me. Watch this video to see what I think of it.

What do you mean it's time to get big brother from school?! I just fell asleep!

1 comment:

cenichols said...

I see you are having your picture taken with my Little Miss Sunshine. She loves sunglasses. Hugs, kisses and love are coming your way. Mommaw N.