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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cops & Kids ~ Day 142

Today a friend and I took our kids to an annual Cops & Kids event.  The kids got to see patrol cars, SWAT vehicles, meet K9 dogs, see helicopters, and most importantly meet police officers.

Dell drove a patrol car!
He also got to "ride" in a helicopter with his sister!
Later on in the day we did get to see this same 'copter take off.  That was really cool!


cenichols said...

How awesme is this. Mommy finds the neatest things to do. Now if you actually went up in the helicopter Mommaw would be on the ground watching. :) Hugs and kisses, Mommaw

cenichols said...

Uncle Jerry was a policeman so I forwarded the pictures of you driving the squad car and you and Kensi sitting in the helicopter. They thought it was cute. Love sharing my grandkids. Mommaw