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Saturday, March 5, 2011

By Golly, I Think He Likes It! ~ Day 316

I made some BBQ Chicken Quesadillas today & Dell was the first one to test them out.

 Hmmm.... Not sure what to think of that face....I think he's contemplating if he likes it or not....
 Yay!  I think that's a yes!!

 "Oh.  Me belly so full!"
 "'Shh.  Don't tell anyone I ate so much! Let's save 'em all for me!  I don't wanna share!"
I'm thinking the BBQ all over his face might just give it away.  I won't have to say I word!!

1 comment:

cenichols said...

That boy loves to eat. Surprising he would take to BBQ at first. Love ya munchkin, Mommaw