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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Generations ~ Day 107

"What did you say?  We are going to see my Great Grandparents?  Well sure, I'll endure another car ride for that!!"
Gran Mamaw making me smile!
Gran Papaw


sara said...

How awesome to have so many generations and the pics to prove it! I have no grandparents but my Husband has 5...yep 5...the original 4 plus a step-grandma. Several are in failing health but we got to have a lovely visit with them a few months ago and they all got to meet Pie and we took a million pictures.

James'momma said...

I'm infinitly jealous.
I wish my grandparents were able to at least meet Erik...
but they died while I was in high School/College...several years before even meeting Erik.

cenichols said...

Great-grandma and great-grandpa were in heaven as you can see. It is so awesome they are able to get to see them as they grow up. They had a blast and so did the kids. Kensi and Dell are doing such cute things and they make you laugh. Everyone needs to laugh because it is healthy. Love, Mommaw xoxoxo

cenichols said...

The first picture of Dell is so cute. Mommy sure put the right title to it. Wonder who bought him his bib :) xo