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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Generations ~ Day 169

 We took a trip to West Virginia this weekend to visit Dell's Great Grandpa Lytle.  You can see where the good looks started in the family.  His is a very handsome man!
 It was an occasion for many photos!
 Although this isn't the first time they have met, Dell was fascinated by him.
 He took a little nap in Great Mommaw's arms.
 Having some fun chowing down with Poppaw!  He must have said something funny!

Dell met his great Uncle Frank for the first time.  They got along just fine.  Uncle Frank thinks Dell is a cool cat.  And Dell thinks that Uncle Frank isn't so bad himself!
It is times like these that I wish we all lived just a little bit closer.


sara said...

So sweet! Look at all those gorgeous blue eyes!!

cenichols said...

Grandpa and Grandma Lytle were so glad to see the great-grandkids. Dad was really feeling sick but enjoyed every minute with the babies. Him and Dell really had a good time. This is why Mommaw hasn't sent a comment for awhile. Love, Mommaw