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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Wish Granted ~ Day 176

Every time we visit Dell's great grandparents, Poppaw Lytle mentions one thing.  He has always wished to see all of his great grandchildren at the same time.  Not the easiest feat since we all live at least 3 hours away and in opposite directions!  This weekend, we made it happen!!

Here is Poppaw with Dell, Austin, Brenden, Kensington and Gracie.  He looks so proud.
 Now as I am sure you can imagine, it was hard to get all those kids to stay put!

Dell managed to stay in this picture.  I guess he was comfy on Poppaw's lap.  This is Chad's cousins Christina, Gracie's Mommy, and Ashely, Austin's Mommy.  I had met them both many years ago, before any of us were Mommies.  Seeing them today was like seeing old friends.  We have been keeping in touch with our blogs and F.ace.Book.  It was nice to finally meet their little ones in person!

Sitting on the front porch taking it all in!

 There  was quite the crowd!
 Kensington and Gracie slowed down enough to enjoy a Popsicle!

 Father and Daugther
 Dell was once again fascinated with his great grandpa.  I just love this sweet moment.

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cenichols said...

This weekend was especially happy because the two grandkids from out-of-state came to visit too. So he had all of his great-grandkids. That was one of his last requests. Thank you for being there. Love, Mommaw