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Friday, May 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood ~ Day 22

Mmmmm.... Somethin' is good Mommy!

It drives Dell's sister Kensi crazy when he chews on his hands.  She is always pulling his hands out of his mouth & telling him "Don't chew on your hands baby Dell!"
Hi Mom!
I'm not sure what he was yelling or screaming at but I sure am glad I caught it in this photo!
Awe.  Sweet cheeks!
Getting mad about something.  Probably because he can't reach his giraffe.

He's getting closer though.....
Dell enjoyed some "baby bonding" with his buddy from across the street tonight.  They are about 2 1/2 months apart in age.  Can you guess who is older?
That's right.  Baby Dell is!
He was SO HAPPY to be outside.  He is gonna be like his sister & his mom that way.
Still smiling!  So much to gaze at & take in.
Enjoying a kiss from his big brother.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely precious baby Dell is and the picture of his big brother kissing him is priceless. Hello! I'm here from the FF blog hop and your newest follower.

Hope you come visit my blog and follow me too.
Thanks. Finally an authentic blog. I love it.

newmommy said...

Aww that is so cute. lol Chandler thinks that Austin drulls like our dog lol Dell is doing good with laying on his belly and having his chesk up! He is so cute. Austin and I love outside time too!!

beingzaraandzidan said...

such precious pictures!! U have done a great job!

beingzaraandzidan said...

Just stopped by to inform u that I have awarded u with the blogger award as I think u deserve it my blogger friend! Visit my blog for more details. & Keep up the good work!

cenichols said...

How can anyone look at these precious pictures and not want to reach out and hold baby Dell? Mommaw and Poppaw really miss him and Kensi. We miss Brenden, too, of course but he is all grown up doing his own thing. Kisses and hugs from Mommaw and Poppaw. xoxoxo