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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ordinary Day ~ Day 11

Today was just an ordinary day @ home.  Daddy was @ work after a nice weekend that, as usual, just wasn't long enough!
Mommy took some time to admire dimpled baby hands
and chubby baby feet.  Both which are in need of a nail trimming!
Dell has been laughing a lot lately.  He has started to do many new things this past week; grabbing his feet, laughing and reaching @ and grasping things.  It's so neat to see his personality peak through a little more each day!
He is starting to enjoy his jumper, although he hasn't gotten the hang of jumping yet.  I usually have to bounce him!
After a long fun filled day we were getting ready for bed when his PJ's got stuck on his head. It reminded me of a photo of myself when I was little.  I was caught with a lot of PJ bottoms & shirts on my head!
So I grabbed the camera & decided to have a little more fun being silly.
Big sister Kensi threw on a hat to join in the moment.
It didn't last long though.
A little something caught both their eyes.  I think it was the Wonder Pets.  I love that they both have the same expression in this photo.  Too funny!


cenichols said...

How could you not long to see this precious baby. He is such a good baby. He is such a blessing. Have Kensi give you a big hug and kiss from Mommaw and Poppaw. N.

Christina said...

Love those baby hands and feet! :) You sure do have two precious little ones!