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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Fun ~ Days 30 & 31


We had a fun filled weekend.  Saturday we had a birthday party to go to.  As you can see, Dell was the life of the party!
Once Saturday evening approached we decided it was time for Dell and his big sis to have their first bath together.
Kensi was loving every minute of it!
Dell had some fun too, even though his sister prevented him from getting to kick and splash around as much as he wanted.  All in all a success I think!
I just love my water babies!!


Today we enjoyed a  HOT wonderful trip to the zoo.  Dell's Papa was in town for a quick visit.

Here they are gazing @ the Mommy & baby elephants.... Or @ least they were supposed to be.  Looks like they are checking out the ground??
Here's what they are supposed to be looking at!

Big sister Kensington
What a beautiful & strange bird the Flamingo is.....
Random cuteness.....
Dell & I enjoyed rocking in the big chairs while Kensi & Papa rode the carousel.
Our "Lil' Tuffy"
Mr. Moose taking it easy.
When we returned from the zoo we decided a dip in the pool was needed!  This was Dell's first ever pool experience.  I just love baby boys in swimming trunks!
Although he doesn't look very amused, he truly did enjoy himself once he got used to it.
My happy boy!!


PA LaPresti's said...

Love those little swim trunks! Kensi & Dell are just beautiful!!! Looks like you all had a great weekend! Awesome! :-)

newmommy said...

I love there outfits! So cute. I love hats on baby boys lol

beingzaraandzidan said...

OOo i love the photo of them bathing together. they look like dolls!
My daughter n son love bubble bath with each other.

Natalie said...

Your kids are absolutely beautiful!!

I can't wait to take Tater to the zoo - I know he'll love it. It looks like everybody had a pretty good time :)