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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Binky Envy ~ Day 35

Looks like someone has a case of Binky envy!
And I'm not talking about Dell...
Looks like she can't decide between blue & green.
So sweet of her to share his Binkies with him, isn't it?
More musical binkies here!
Finally I think she decided he looked best in blue!  Dell is such a good sport & so patient with his big sister. He didn't get mad about the binkies being taken even once!
*edited to add*

This is not the first time dear sister has had binky envy by the way.


beingzaraandzidan said...

ahaha! Thats a cute & funny post!

Christina said...

Love the watermarking! Perfect! And, I love these photos! :) Hehe...I could see Gracie doing the same thing!

cenichols said...

Now isn't that sweet. Like Mommy said Dell handled that well. It didn't matter to him which one he got. Mommaw just can't get enough. xoxo