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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Bite ~ Day 33

Today was another gorgeous day.  Did I mention that it was a gorgeous day yesterday??  If not, I should have.  After tiring Dell's sister out, she laid down for nap as he arose to play with me.  He's trying more and more to sit up.  He's kind of leaning on the ball here.  Cutie!
Looking so serious after his 2nd nap of the day.
At dinner tonight Dell didn't want to stay in his car seat, he wanted to join us @ the table. Look @ him eyeing that rice
We let him try a bite and he did really well with it.  It was so cute watching him chew!  So Spanish rice was officially his first taste of food.  How'd you like that?  Not many babies can say that I bet!
"Hey there Mommy! I see you!" My upside down boy. We were sitting on this blanket outside in the shade and he kept looking back @ me like this. It was just the funniest cutest thing!
He is getting to the age where I am starting to play Peek - A - Boo with him.  So after his bath tonight we did that with the bath towel for a little while.
He enjoyed it quite a bit!  Looks to me like my little man is getting blonder, and maybe a hint of a tan?  Don't worry... I've started using sunblock and am sure to keep him in the shade.
This little man has captured my heart like I never dreamed possible.  Who knew there was so much room in Mommy's heart for love?


Joann Mannix said...

Ummm... that boy is just scrumptiously gorgeous!

I have 3 girls and we're kind of big foodies. I was never big on the baby food and they were eating people food very early on. Keep on keepin' on with the good stuff. My girls have never been picky eaters, because they were exposed to everything from a young age. My 12 year old had mushroom risotto with truffle oil in her lunch thermos today. I'm not sure how many of the other 6th graders had that.

Natalie said...

So sweet! The twins are HUGE eaters and don't want the baby food - they want people food! It's the mess that drives me crazy, but it's worth it!

Shana said...

What super cute photos!!

cenichols said...

I'm hooked and addicted to my grandbabies. Can't help it. They are adorable and have the sweetest smiles. Sorry folks, mine are number one. :)