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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Splash ~ Day 89

We went to the city pool this evening.  Dell had a blast and wore his little self out!
Big sister Kensington was enjoying the water too.  The girl who
gets upset @ bath time when you wash her hair
(because the water gets in her eyes) was running under fountains,
going down slides and walking around on her hands like you see here. 
Action shot!
Our great friends Sandhya & her daughter Neela came with us to the pool. 
Here is "Aunt" Sandhya holding Dell.

Another quick video of the cutest boy ever Dell in action!


Helene said...

Your kids are absolutely precious!! Mine love swimming too!! It's been so hot here...thank goodness I have water babies!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope you'll be back again soon!

newmommy said...

I love love the first picture of Dell lol that is a great picture. Your childern take really good pictures! That is a blessing lol

The Mommy said...

HI there!!
Such cool shots. Going to the pool with kids is so much fun! I just love the third picture, it looks awesome.
Thanks for stopping by my blog while I was on an unofficial vacation from blogging. But, now I'm back and I'll see ya around soon!
Take care.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...


cenichols said...

I can see Dell is going to love the water, too. Looks like Daddy just about drowned him. Guess who sends love, hugs and kisses.