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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spray Park ~ Day 88

OK.  So yesterday I gave you a little sneak peak
into how we spent our Tuesday.  Well here is the rest of it!  It was a full and busy day!
I just love my babies in the morning, with their tousled hair, and sleepy eyes!
 A sweet moment I caught in his jumper.
 After an afternoon nap, we ventured to "Spray Park".  Basically it is a water park with a bunch of water fountains all "dancing" if you will.  There is also a large rock wall with waterfalls.  The kids love it.  It is a great way to keep cool & it is FREE!
Here is Dell checking out a water fountain.
I sure wish I knew exactly what he was thinking....
Munchin' on his keys, checking out all the action.  Can you see his sissy in the background?
Cousin Sammie is in town visiting for the week.  She has been a
great help with the kids & they just love her!  If you look closely
you can catch a glimpse of Dell's big brother Brenden in the back ground.
  He's wearing a white swim suit & getting blasted in the head with water it looks like to me!

He was seriously loving his keys!
Time for a little snack!  The hat Dell is wearing was once
Brenden's when he was a baby.  Awe!  I just love that!
Hat's looking kinda pink... the reflection from his beach towel.
Look @ that squirt!  I just love this fella!

 A little video of Dell in action.  He was really enjoying himself!


Lindsey & Cole said...

I absolutely LOVE that he doesn't care less about the spray park - the keys are where it's at!!

cenichols said...

This boy is something else. They can sit him down just about anywhere and he doesn't fuss. He has a wonderful personality. Love to all my grandkids, Mommaw