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Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Is Back ~ Day 94

I love how he is so chill in the swing.  Today we had a huge break from the heat & humidity!  It was so nice to be outdoors again & not feel like you were melting!
There was a nice breeze.  Ahhhh.  It was heavenly!
I managed to get the kids on staggered naps today, so Dell and I got a little one on one time.

And while his big sister was in bed for the night, he decided he should stay up & get to know our kitty a little better.  It was so cute to see him reaching out to pet her!


Soni B said...

His smile could break many a hearts!...

sara said...

We haven't tried the swing yet, but I bet our little one would love it. Love the pictures!

cenichols said...

Well his diet definitely agrees with him. Those thunder thighs as Mommy calls them. His Daddy was chubby too but I think Dell has him beat. Love,hugs and kisses from Mommaw.