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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Movin' ~ Day 93

Dell is really making some moves to try & crawl. 

 We went to the park this evening.
I just love my monkey's face here! It's like "Hey Mommy!  I know what you are doing!"
And then he gave me a sweet, slobbering smile!  I really have no clue where all this drool is coming from.  I don't see any new teeth attempting to pop through.  But the drool just keeps a' comin'!
After the park it was time for a bath..... In the big tub!

Now?  He is sleeping like an angel.


newmommy said...

I want to take a bath in that tub! lol Great pictures! He is looking like his daddy!

Mommy2Four said...

I wanted to stop in and let you know, I had to pass this award on to some bloggy friends I thought were fantastic, and I thought of you!


He's just got the most precious grin ever! What a cutie!

cenichols said...

The reason he is looking confused in the one picture is because he is wondering when somebody is going to put him on his hands and knees holding up his middle so he can crawl. Love, Mommaw