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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pigs Fly ~ Day 80

When my husband & I first got married he wouldn't touch broccoli.  
Now?  Yeah.  It's like his favorite vegetable.  Not kidding.  He actually bought some fresh
broccoli on his own.  Not only that?  But he is big into steaming the veggies now.  You
know.  Because they retain more of their vitamins that way.  How funny is that? 
I'm not complaining though.

And my stepson?  Brenden?  Well he HATES broccoli!  I mean HATES it.  
You'll never guess what he said tonight @ dinner.  He actually said.... get this.... 
that he liked whatever kind of broccoli it was we made tonight (fresh vs. frozen).
  I about fell over!  Because, did I mention?  He HATES it!
Or he did. 
So I guess maybe pigs DO fly?  Who knew?!

OK so I am getting off track.  

My point is we have been eating a lot of fresh, steamed broccoli lately. 
It's a perfect food for Baby Led Weaning too because Dell can just hold 
on to the stalk & munch away.  And boy does he ever! 
 Good stuff!
 We added some mashed potatoes into the mix.  Yum!
 Time for a quick rinse off!


Soni B said...

: )
I love reading your posts and looking at your beautiful babies!... You are amazing at sharing your family and their days...

JO said...

He got some huge appetite!

Jo's Precious Thoughts
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newmommy said...

to cute! yeah we just put Austin in a diaper and let him just attack his food lol Then rinse him off. Mashed potatoes and mac n cheese are some of the worst!

beka said...

Oh, he is just too cute!
Glad he likes baths:)