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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sketti Face ~ Day 86

See?  There isn't anything much cuter than a sketti face!
After dinner we had a pretty heavy thunderstorm.  
The kids enjoyed watching it threw the windows.

A glimpse of Mr. Sketti face himself... in action!


cenichols said...

The spaghetti face is cute and he seems to know how to eat it. He was sucking the noodles into his mouth. The one of him and Kensington looking out the window at the rain and wearing the same design diapers. How cute. Love,Mommaw

PA LaPresti's said...

What a cute video! Thanks for sharing it. I love the part at the beginning where he sucks the noodle in......just precious! He sure is getting to be a biggie boy. :-)

Lindsey & Cole said...

Gotta love the Up & Up diapers!!!! We do!!