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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Buddies ~ Day 95

Meet baby "J", Dell's little buddy.  Isn't he adorable??
They were born about a month apart.

I see a childhood friendship in the making!
Remember the other day when I said Dell started saying "Dada"?  Well we caught it on video today.  Listen closely because he whispers it the first time!


Lindsey & Cole said...

That is so cute! He mocks you and whispers!

*BTW, you need to buy that kid some toys. Clearly he doesn't have enough. ;)

Soni B said...

Very clear what he said !... I love the cough tho...
he is such a happy boy... not to mention quite handsome !...

thanks for sharing

I hope he and his friend grow into many happy years of friendship !

cenichols said...

Looks like he is having a blast with his little buddy. That's so cute. Love, Mommaw

cenichols said...
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cenichols said...

Mommaw watches the videos over and over. I really like the pictures and videos so I can see how my grandbabies are doing. I look at them every night before I go to bed. And of course during the day to see if there's anything new.Love ya lots, Mommaw