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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is She Bananas? ~ Day 40

Today Dell had his very first taste of banana!  And I don't mean the pureed kind!  
We are following an approach to solids called Baby Led Weaning.
We did this with our daughter too & just loved it!  Check it out.

You want me to do what Mommy?

Like this?
 Hey!  It keeps slipping away!
 Oh.  Now this tastes different!
This makes me happy!!
 This apple feels good on my gums!


Same apple slice. 
Mommy just can't stop taking pictures!
Gee, that was fun Mommy!
Now even my hands taste good!
Phew!  All that eating is hard work!  Time to chill out to Baby Beethoven!
Interested?  For some information on Baby Led Weaning go here!


newmommy said...

That's cute! Austin loves bananas.

cenichols said...

Mommy takes the cutest pictures. You are precious. We call Brenden our little buddy, Kensi is my Little Miss Sunshine, so Dell will be precious. This is a proud Mommaw (Poppaw too of course). xoxoxo