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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adventures In Crankiness ~ Day 67

Teething bites!

That's the saying, right?
Well it's true.
Teething infant & cranky toddler 
(do they need a reason other than "toddler"?) 
equals Mommy is going insane!!!!

So off for a walk we went.  To the pond.  To feed the ducks.

Only.  There weren't any ducks.  Oops.
( In case you couldn't tell she's not too happy about this.)

 Regardless the change of scenery & a little exercise did seem to make a difference.

A little yawn....

Soon some blank stares....

and a little creativity...

and we were headed home for lunch & nap!


cenichols said...

Poor baby. It hurts so bad when they are teething. Their teeth are literally breaking their skin to come in. Some Tylenol and the numbing medicine can work miracles. Mommy can kiss and hug and make things all better. Love, Mommaw and Poppaw

The Mommy said...

Oh no. Hope things get better. Nice shots from your walk!