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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exploring ~ Day 39

Last night after we put Dell to bed he decided it would be more fun to stay up!  
He has been totally fascinated with his hands & touching our faces lately.  
This is what he did with Daddy for about a half an hour!

After he got tired of Daddy eating his fingers he started going for his nose! 
"Honk, honk!"

 This is this evening in the tub. 
His hair is finally growing enough that I can make him look like Alfalfa!
 Oh so serious!

1 comment:

cenichols said...

The pictures with Daddy are priceless. It's something that will never fade away. The spiked hair is so cute. Especially the first one where his head is tilted a little. Mommy sure does take good pictures and we appreciate it. Love, Mommaw (who else could it be :)