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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Arrive ~ Day 57

Our weekend away starts as we arrive @ Papa's house!  Dell is amused with his new sandals.  A new toy on his feet of all places!
 Time to hit the pool!
Seems to be enjoying himself!
 A teeny bit irritated with Mommy for making him float in his sister's  flower!
 Phew!  All that swimming, flower floating & being that darned 
cute sure stirs up an appetite!  Yum!


Julie said...

Love the big ole' "apple bite" picture!! So sweet!

newmommy said...

how cute. I need to get something for Austin to sit in. I love his hat :)

Soni B said...

He is so adorable in a boyish way of course... You get wonderful pictures of him...