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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Third Month

Dell's third month.  He's growing so fast!
Getting a bath from Daddy & Poppaw Nichols. 
Dell loves bathtime!
Someone is getting ready for the Easter Bunny!
So peaceful.
We have been seeing lots of smiles lately!  He is a happy boy for sure!
Getting some lovin' from our pooch Besty
I LOVE this picture.  
The expression on his face cracks me up!  His sister was reading to him, which is adorable all in itself.  He just looks perturbed to be in all pink surroundings!  
Hard to tell from this photo, but this little guy loves his baths.  
They completely chill him out!
Daddy's Little All Star!
One of my favorite pictures of me & my little man! 
 Wearing his reindeers ears hat.  He looks totally amused!
Wearing his BabyLegs.  So handsome!
Ain't that the truth!
How can you not fall in love with that smile?  Impossible!

Ready for food already??  No.  Just getting a new perspective on things.
I just love how his finger is hooked on his nose!
A little spike going on!
Handsome little dude rocking a turtle neck Daddy picked out!  
This was my rocking chair when I was a little girl.
In lieu of professional photos, I tried my hand at an impromptu photo shoot
 to mark him turning 3 months.
He was happy to play along!
Picture perfect
 Silly boy!
I think he knows he's handsome!  Gonna be a heartbreaker this one!
Meeting Great Granny Sibyl for the first time ever.  Whenever we come she always cooks us a nice dinner.  How sweet!
Meeting Grandpa Clarence
Getting snuggles from his Mommaw!
Meeting Great Mommaw & Great Poppaw.  I adore this photo of them.  
Such a lovely couple!
A group photo of Poppaw & his grandkids!
The kids with Uncle Christopher.  They always love to have him around.
Mommaw with all three grandbabies!  I think she's in Heaven!
Bathtime in the sink!
Cute new outfit. Great little grin!
 Look @ that roly poly belly!


cenichols said...

Dell is going to be like Kensi. When she was little she always smiled at everything. Dell has her same sweet smile. Love the family pictures. The great-grandparents adore them, too. Family is what it is all about. We enjoy our time with them. Love, Mommaw xoxo

Photo Freak said...

what a little cutie