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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog Awards

So, I have some award accepting to do!  Thank you to the ladies that awarded these to me for being so patient! 

The first one is the Honest Scrap Award given to me by Neel from Being Zara & Zidan.  Her blog is full of beautiful photos so hop on over and give your eyes a treat!  By accepting this award, I have to post 10 random things about myself. Which you know I love doing! It lets you know a little more about me that I may never think to tell you ;)

Here goes!

1.  I drive a minivan and am proud of it!   To me it signifies the mother I have always wanted to be.

2.  I love to sing out loud in the car... or anywhere if I am in a good mood.  Funny b/c my husband is the musician/singer in the family, yet I sing to our children more than he does.  And it never hurts to throw in a booty shake too for good measure!

3.  I love to read & if a book is good enough I can tear though it in just a day or two... or at least prebabies I could.

4.  I am in desperate need of a pedicure and a new bra!  I seriously wear the same nursing bra every day.  No lie.  And it is ripping.  Wonder how much longer it will last?

5.  I once wanted to be a teacher

6.  I LOVE the show Nurse Jackie.

7.  I have PCOS 

8.  I am very indecisive.

9.  Somedays I love to cook/clean/take care of my family... others...not so much!

10.  After years of highlighting my hair, I went dark @ age 19 and shortly after discovered I had a gray streak up front!  It always blended in with the highlights.  I was only 19 and mortified!!  So when people my age (30's) complain now of getting there first gray hairs I scoff @ them ;)  Been there, done that, right?

The next award was also given to me by Neel & also by The Mommy over @ Twenty Little Toes.  She has an adorable blog that I just love checking in on & is raising twin boys!  And I think my hands are full! 

Thank you both!  Your blogs add a little sunshine to my life too!

I would like to pass the Honest Scrap award along to:

Momma Parker over @ Not So Southern Living

And the Sunshine Award to:

Because, girls.  You DESERVE it!


Natalie said...

More awards...congrats to you! Yay!

I love reading random things about people. I've never watched Nurse Jackie, but maybe I should check it out!

Shana said...

Aww, thank you so much Alisha! I truly appreciate that award. I have to answer your question in the comment you left on my blog. I just about always go to bed at 3 am. When it was just me and Blaze we got up at 9:30 and took a nap at 2:30 so it was no biggie. Now I didn't always take a nap with him but I Now with Jacob I get up at 7 am and don't take a nap so I really should go to bed earlier. It is almost 1 am right now and I need to go to sleep.